My name is Hannah Upritchard. I'm based in London and have been making jewellery for almost 10 years. My very first rings were my wedding rings, a golden monkey with emeral eyes and a camel with massive rubies from which I got my first commissions.

I love working with people. I've taught lots and lots of people how to make their own jewellery and also worked on hundreds of bespoke commissions. If you want a lesson check out my classes here. Alternatively, if you have an idea and you want team up I'd love to make you an original bespoke peice. In my Bespoke Gallery you can see some of the commissions I've done.

My goal in making jewellery is to always make something that speaks... the bumps, faults and tarnishes are as much as essential part of my work as the quality of the metals and the stones; I want my jewellery to have its own voice, to be joyful and to become more of a companion than a decoration. Get to know my work and studio by following me on instagram, I'm @hannahrings or just check out my home page where my instagram feed is displayed.

I've learnt to make jewellery from tutors all around the world... Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Süd Tirol (Italy), Wellington (New Zealand), London (England)... and have a kind of Macgyver approach, inventing techniques that give my work a personality all of its own. I've made a few little tutorials that you can follow at home if you want to make some yourself.

Where possible, I try to used fair-trade or recycled materials, including my metals, stones and packaging. To see more about me read in The Wiley Badger, or in homestyle magazine about my home and studio.

I also work on MiniBarLabs and Tavolone and you can see what some of my friends are doing here.