Costumes Noses

Making an Animal Nose from Wax is pretty easy and here my friend, Robert is going to teach you how to do it with these simple ingredients...

He has ben collecting Puddha's whiskers for years, the teeth are from a charity shop, the nose from a textile shop in Dalston (you might have a toy with a suitable nose at home), the wax is jewellery wax, but wax from cheese is totally fine too and the clay is from a craft shop.

Put some wax into a pot and heat it over a flame...

While the wax is heating make some casts of you nose in the soft clay

Once you've made these pour the melted wax into the hollow and wait for it to cool

Then pull the wax out of the out of the soft clay to get your nose

After this cut the excess wax from around the nose cast...

then you can prepare the soft wax to shape around your nose...

then press your nose into the soft wax sheet and remove any excess wax from behind the nose so its not too heavy.

Once you have your bassic nose shape press the teeth and whiskers into the wax.

And there you end up with a rather mousey looking nose in wax.

Make sure it fits, remove the whiskers (you'll glue them back on once its in metal) and take it to the casters.

And here is is all finished.