Pugs Rings

This my collection of Pug Rings. This collection is kind of infinite because pugs look great in everything. My pug rings all have the same basic face to which I add a variety of kinds of items; hats, ribbons, glasses, bones to name a few. I even make chracature pugs, dressed in things that remind you of someone. The geeky Cory Doctorow Pug is an example of one of these. My pugs very often have jewels for eyes and you can choose from so many differenct kinds.

There are all sort of other dog rings that I'd love to try. Dogs make great rings because they are famously such good companions. I think  Bones looks rather like a boxer dog ring and I'd really like to try my hand at a fox. 

Basically I love doing animal rings. I've done some quite realistic animal faces, like the pugs and my rabbit, but lots of them are more stylised.