Little Pug with Blue Sapphire Eyes


He looks a bit serious but I think its just that he needs something to eat... it's something I've noticed about pugs... look at this little dude- he's in heaven. Here is my first ever pug ring. He is lovely and shiney and he lives with Amelia. I have made him without any gem stones at all, with emerald eyes, here with sapphire eyes, with a pink garnet hat,and even as a ring hook. There are be a few more with tongues too. The pugs are all made in silver with various stones. Pugs are the best creature in the whole world to cheer me up- they look like a cross between a bat and an aristocrat, or something like that.

It's always amazing me how many people have a special pug connection... they are very universally admired for such ugly, stumpy, asthmatic little creatures. Ah, they are wonderful. I've going to make a little series with various hats etc to prove what little gentlemen they really are!