Limoncello Mudlark Ring Small

Above isa bronze version of the smallest of the Thames Garnet Rings that I made for Limoncello to sell in their gallery shop.

The story behind these stones is really great. I met a Mudlark who wanted me to make a ring for his wife with a massive garnet that he found on the Thames forwshore. He told me that 200 years ago these stones were bought over from India and unloaded from the ships in Rotherhithe. Here many of the garnets were spilt over board and there they remain for us to find today. So I made Alan's ring and he kindly invited to take me to find some of these amazing garnets for myself. They are truly amazing each one is uncut and completely individual so no two ofmy mudlark. They are all uncut- the facets you see in the images are from the way they naturally form and I find them astonishing.

There is a bronze, silver and gold version of each of these rings. See some examples of the silver and gold rings below.