Gold Engagement RIng with Green Diamond

This quirky yet traditional engagement band is made of 22 carat gold to match an existing ring of Ruth's. The diamond is what's called a 'fancy diamond' because it's green not clear so all those funny rules for clear diamonds don't apply. Its a certified, 'good' diamond but its really hard to find out what country they come from because all the diamonds from everywhere get shipped to London and then sorted as a group- diamonds are a pain like that. You can find out so much more for most other stones. The colour of the diamond has been strengthened by a laser treatment which means the colour is written into the atomic structure of the stone and the heat simply strengthened the colour. Its a 0.10 carat diamond, the clarity is rated at PK1 and its a brilliant cut.

You can't have this exact ring because Kai gave it to Ruth (Congratulations!) but I can make you one similar or completely different and just how you want it if you like. Fill in the commission form and we can arrange something equally spectactular.