Gold Dog Ring


This is my first ring carved out of a wax tube. I’m fairly convinced he’s a dog (albeit with a slightly human looking nose) but Theo won’t have a bar of it- he is convinced its a mole- a mole!? Ridiculous. The picture here is in 9crt gold. He feels amazing to wear. A few of my friends have this Dog? Ring in silver which can confuse me when I’m speaking on Skype and my hand seems to appear on the end of their arm. He is really flat and mask-like which means he never catches on pockets so he’s a ring that I return to again and again. I really like him. I made him again using a stone-in casting technigue to give him green diamond eyes and that looks fabulous too.


My twin also really likes him but he couldn't fit the Dog? in this size so we adjusted it to suit him, stretching the ring for men and making the band a bit thinner with wonderful results. You can buy the girl size Dog? in gold in this post but if you want him in silver you will have to go here. And you'll need to go here to purchase him in silver for men.