Here we all are working on our rings at fifteen Queen Street in Colchester. On this course I teaching everyone how to use three different techniques to produce rings from wax. We are doing one in soft wax, one in hard wax and one in a combination of soft and hard wax. Below you can see the results.



Above are Marc's carved wax rings that he made finished in wax then in silver. One matt and one all glossy and shined up. They are both made using files to create the shape of the band and to adjust the size of the ring. I didn't get a photo of him but we do have a photo of Fella, his lovely dog.



Here are the three rings that Alison made. She used two different kinds of wax to produce these wonderful rings; a fox, who looks charmingly Egyptian, a badger, who looks like a bit like a wombat to my antipodean eye, and a bicycle with a bell.



This whippet head and hare were both made by Alison. They're amazing. Alison is already a very clever silversmith but she had never done 3D modelling before. These two are so beautifully crafted, so full of character and really accurate. Amazing! I didn't finish hers before I sent them down becuase she is already an expert once they're in silver.

Thanks everyone for a wonderful afternoon! Well done, and enjoy your rings.