Bayswater Bonanza

Day 1


Emily, Lara and Nut had their own special lesson at their house. Its was lovely, we started off with dinner and then had cake and wine while we worked on the wax. I had such a nice time and they got so much done- they were really prolific. I took about a third of their creations away to make them into silver for the next session.


Here the top two with the alien faces and voluptuous ladies are Emily's, Laura has produced this tiny duck and weirdly graceful dolphin/bird ring and Nut has a tape snake and woven leaf ring which I'm really impressed by. I hope we will have the silver early next week. 




So here are the untouched silvers ready for the next session. They all look amazing, its weird how much more sensible everything looks in metal!

Day 2




Nut and Lara have finished theirs, the snake and leaf ring, the duck and the swallow ring. They are so sweet. The duck had a bit of a tricky time learning how to stand up again but look at him now! And the snake has had a bit of a tickle getting polished and now the finger prints in the silver look fabulous. Lara and Nut you should be very proud!

Emily got so much work done and all thats left now is to drill a few holes and learn how to weld silver- exciting. Emily I promise not to let you burn off your hair the way I keep doing!