Harry Thaler

Harry is a wonderful friend of mine who taught me a lot about how to make jewellery and even gave me lots of his old tools so that I could get started with everything you see on this website. He's a London based designer who makes everything from lights to shelving solutions and even was kind enough to design my beautiful bed.

Vincent Loveland

Vince is my favourite person in all of London, well hes's definately my favourite person in Hatton Wall. With his wealth of knowledge and experience he has pulled me out of so many of the traps that I've set myself over the years. He has been the most brilliant teacher and mentor, he has a magical eye for detail and the best sense of humour ever and I'd me lost without him!

Martino Gamper

Martino is my amazing brother in law and friend and he makes the most amazing chairs, stools, tables, ... everything. I use these stools of his every day. They are brilliant.

Liyen Chong

Liyen is a friend of mine who makes the most amazing art. My favourite is these beautiful peices that she has sewn from hair. I wish you could see them in person, they're astonishing!

HIT Studio


I met Annette Lux and Lina Grumm when Annette was living in London with my sister. They make beautiful books and posters and are basically very clever. They're based in Berlin now which is great for me becuase I can go and visit them!

Johannah McDonald

My friend Jo MacDonald is a photographer in New Zealand specialising in Portraits and Wedding Photography.





Tavolone, a pop-up restaurant run by my friends Chrsitian and Giorgio. I do all the placemat and table design and help out with the cooking.

MiniBar is now replacing OpenBusiness as the way to reach Christian and I about our tech events in London.