Request Your Own Special Commission

Your Own Fingerprints in a Ring

Bespoke Fingerprint Rings are embedded with your own fingerprints. They can be made with a thick or thin band in a variety of shapes and metals. If you live in London- or can come to London for a fingerprint exchange, I can meet you to collect your fingerprints for this very personal ring. These rings make perfect friendship rings, gifts for lovers or even wedding bands. What nicer than having the fingerprints of someone you love on your ring?! My husband wears one of these as his wedding band.

Commission Something Special or Your Own Design

If you would like to request a ring that is similar to one you have seen on my site, or if you like the style of my work and would like to comission something completely contact me.

To give you an idea of what I've done before, Francesco requested a ring with no idea what design he wanted and I made him this Moon. Amelia has a very special place in her heart for pugs and I made her this lovely little friend. Kai wanted an engagment ring and new the kinds of rings his girlfriend liked but wasn't sure exactly how it should look- except for its being unique and having a diamond.

Other ideas are to use birthstones or Chinese Zodiac animals for a special ring. This guy has garnet eyes becuase his wearer was born in January and Rob and Kristy commissioned this Tiger for their son when he was born.

Basically it doesn't matter if you have very fixed ideas about what you want or if its just that you want something special, contact me and I can send you an image to create a starting point for your special ring.

I Want One... But I want to make it!!

Its also possible that you might want to make your ring yourself. I've made some online tutorials if you want to try doing it yourself or your can join me for a 1-2 day course and make it from scratch.