Squished Wax Ring

Squished Wax Rings are really easy to make and you can use materials that you have lying around at home. Why not? Learn how to make your own Squished Wax Ring here.

Cast Face Ring / Broach / Necklace


Lots of my rings are made from casts, either from found objects (like the bejeweled owl) or from things I've made and wish to repeat (Camel ring). Its only a good method if you don't mind a rather weird and lumpy version but its cheap as chips, really easy and interesting to see what comes out. 

Learn how to make you own Cast Wax Objects here.

Make your Own Animal Nose

If you want to make a silly peice of jewellery that can serve lots of purposes why not make a costume? I made this animal nose necklace for a dress up party. Learn how to make a nose here.